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Welcome To TGL TOURS - Holy Land Tours

"Walking Through God's Land"

Join us in the Land of the Bible for a special, religious, spiritual and amazing journey that will change your life. To watch with your own eyes how the Biblical stories become alive

Church / Group Tour

At TGL TOURS we prepare rich, varied and well-planned tours for groups from the United States based on many years of guiding and leading tour groups through the Land of the Bible.

In TGL we take care of you from the moment you set your foot in the Land until the moment you leave the country.

We arrange all the ground services: experienced licensed tour guide, new motor coach from arrival till departure, hotels, breakfast and dinner daily, entrance fees to all sites and more.

You’ll be welcome to join us!
Tourists in Jerusalem
" I was glad when they said to me let us go into the house of the Lord "
Psalm 122: 1
Why to choose TGL TOURS?
Find out our great values and what makes us different from others
Personal customization

Customizing the trip itinerary down to the smallest details to meet the needs of each and every group.

Experience in the field

Real experience in the field and expert knowledge of the Bible and the Holy Land by tour guides who love the Bible and the Lord and have been leading tour groups for many years.


We feel committed to make our clients happy and satisfied about the tour and appreciate those who choose us. We want our guests to get the best value for their travel expenses.

Part of a family

Personal, professional, treatment at the highest level.


We love what we do and therefore our work becomes our motivation to improve our services to give you the best Holy Land journey.

Love the Word of God

We see our work as a mission to teach the people about the Land of Israel and the Bible with a deeper meaning and understanding and to make it an unforgettable experience


What Our Satisfied
Clients Say About Us

Our greatest reward is to hear the people say "I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN"
About Us

With three generations in tourism, and after leading thousands of Christian visitors through the Holy Land following the footsteps of Jesus, we are thrilled to have our own agency known as TGL TOURS.

We love and believe in the Lord and therefore our mission is that our customers will go through a life changing experience that makes the Bible seem 4-D and in living color.

Our greatest reward is to hear the people say, “I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.”

Petting a Camel

You can check here about all the information needed about us and the holy land.

If something isn’t clear enough you let us know.
American citizens do not need a travel visa to enter Israel, only a valid passport with expiration date at least 6 months beyond your travel dates.
Travel in Israel is something you can plan on virtually any time of the year… the holy sites never take a vacation. The winter months are fairly mild in Israel, although there might be some rainy days and sometimes even snow in Jerusalem. Israel is hot in the summer with average temperatures over 86oF.The most comfortable times to visit are spring and autumn.
Of course, packing is a personal issue and also depends at the time of the year, but at the bottom line we suggest to choose comfort over fashion. But some things are highly recommended: Comfortable shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light jacket, swimsuit, Bible and camera. For wintertime, remember to bring a warm coat. For the women, please bring a shawl to cover the shoulders in holy sites. Another advice, no need to over pack… better to leave some room for souvenirs to take back home.
Yes, it is safe to travel to Israel. Before Covid Israel welcomed 4 million visitors a year with no major incidents. In 2022 we saw a massive boom in tourism following the reopening of the country after the Coronavirus pandemic.Israel has excellent health services. Also, tap water is safe to drink.

To understand the historical context and the deeper meaning of the word

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