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A trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land

Serving evangelical Christian groups and ministries for customized tours of the Holy Land.

About us

Join us in the Land of the Bible for a spiritual and powerful journey that will change your life, and watch with your own eyes how the Biblical stories come alive.

TGL TOURS is an Israeli travel agency for evangelical Christian group tours of the Holy Land. It was founded out of mission and love for the Lord, the Bible, and the Land of Israel. Our leading goal for our travelers is to turn the Bible from black and white to color and to have a deeper understanding of the Scriptures while walking through God’s land.

Thanks to many years of experience guiding through the Holy Land, we create rich, well-planned, customized itineraries to fulfill every group leader’s wishes and desires.

TGL TOURS will take care of your group from the moment of landing until the moment you leave the land.

The Southern Wall

“I was glad when they said to me, “Let’s go to the house of the Lord.” Our feet are standing within your gates, Jerusalem.”

Psalms 122: 1-2

Our services

Serving evangelical Christian groups and ministries for customized tours of the Holy Land.

Plan a group tour

TGL TOURS creates a custom tour, and itinerary tailored to the tour leader's preferences and takes care of all ground services from arrival to departure to ensure the perfect group tour of the Holy Land.

If you plan to bring a group to the Holy Land, we'll gladly offer you our services.

Individual travelers

Individual travelers are welcome to join our scheduled tours. We have tour leaders who are eager to accommodate individuals interested in joining an organized group tour to the Holy Land.

Please contact us to check the possibilities.

VIP tours

TGL TOURS offers VIP tours for families, couples, or small groups of up to 15 people for a private tour of the Holy Land. The whole tour is customized based on our recommendations and expertise.

Contact us to start planning your journey of a lifetime to the Holy Land.

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Why choose TGL TOURS?

Expert planning

Our itineraries are created by our main guide, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field and takes all into consideration with regard to the wishes of the group leader. Our itineraries are planned to the highest standards so that our travelers have time to see and learn as much as possible.

Personalized treatment

TGL TOURS is a unique family company specializing and dealing exclusively in the Christian tourism field. This allows us to give personalized treatment and maximum care to each and every one of our groups. We pride ourselves in our partners becoming an extension of our family.

Bible focused

We are passionate and committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus, providing our travelers with a life-changing experience, and giving them a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, the Old and New Testament, while they are walking through God’s Land.

Israeli company

As an Israeli company, we have the strongest knowledge of the Land of Israel, from the sites we visit and the suppliers we work with to the culture and social history. TGL TOURS takes pride in the strong connection between Israel and other nations.

“Let us go across to the other side”

Mark 4:35

Testimonials from some of our dear clients

"If you plan a trip to Israel, I highly recommend using TGL TOURS! When you tour with TGL and Yuval Shemesh as your guide, it is much more than just a sight-seeing tour; it is a biblical education and a great spiritual experience that will bring you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ! Going to Israel will put the Bible in living color for you. I truly believe Yuval Shemesh is the best guide in all of Israel! Your trip's administrative responsibilities will be handled professionally by Yuval's daughter, Coral Shemesh, who owns TGL. You can be assured that all your trip bookings will be handled professionally to make your Israel experience of the highest quality! I plan to return, and when I do, it will be with TGL Tours."

Sam Moore
Sam Moore Evangelistic Ministries

Bentonville, Arkansas

"My wife Wanda and I were blessed and fortunate enough to have recently had a tour of the Holy Land of Israel led by the TGL TOURS group. I cannot say enough about the wealth of information that our Guide, Yuval, had. As he spoke at every spot we visited, history came to life, and Yuval was very passionate about what he was sharing with us. As a pastor, I need context so that I can present the proper biblical perspectives, this trip revolutionized my biblical view and brought clarity and context to the times of Christ so vividly that my teaching and preaching will never ever be the same. Thank you, TGL TOURS it was an amazing trip."

Nathan and Wanda
Dr. Nathan & Wanda McCall

New Jersey, USA

"Having led groups to Israel 46 times, I would like to highly recommend Coral Shemesh and TGL TOURS to anyone who is planning on taking a group for a tour of the Holy Land. Coral takes care of the administrative responsibilities, hotels, bus, guide, customized itinerary, and all the matters necessary for a trouble-free pilgrimage to Israel. You will be pleased and blessed by using TGL TOURS and Coral. You can be assured that all your trip bookings will be handled professionally to ensure the highest quality of your Holy Land experience and that your travelers will get an incredible, spiritual, and meaningful tour!"

Evangelist Gary Bowlin

Mississippi, USA

"What a life-changing experience to spend 12 days in the Holy Land. I like to refer to this experience as each day was filled with Oohs and Ahhs!.. The professionalism was next level to any guide service I had ever been a part of. Yuval can connect History, Archaeology, and the Bible amazingly, ultimately pointing all to Jesus Christ. I want to learn like he has learned and quote scriptures the way that he does. Coral's organization and care for us on the tour were top-notch! By the way, I salute you and your Husband for your Military service. Our driver was excellent, and we always felt safe in his care.
We look forward to our paths crossing again!"

Kenny and Jeanna Reed
Jeanna & Kenny Reed

Texas, USA

"FIVE STARS! We HIGHLY recommend TGL TOURS! Coral put together an amazing trip for us, every detail was covered! We took a group of 22, which was a good size. During the planning months, she was readily available to answer any questions we had and incorporated our personal requests into the itinerary! Yuval, our guide, is simply the best. A gifted communicator with a wealth of experience and knowledge, Yuval connected the spiritual dots for us as we visited the places of the Bible! We are all left with a deeper appreciation of the Scriptures, knowledge of the Land, and love for the Lord! We plan to use TGL TOURS for all our future return trips to Israel."

Bruce and Alice Christian
Bruce & Alice Christian

Plano, Texas

"WOW!!! What a journey. Traveling through Israel with TGL TOURS was amazing. Yuval’s wisdom and knowledge of the Bible were so profound. We literally saw everything. The spiritual journey we were on was truly life-changing. I will never read God’s word without envisioning everywhere we were. The Bible has come to life! Yuval always went the extra mile to ensure we never forget this journey through the Holy Land. I can't thank him enough. Our driver, Wassim, was also amazing, I totally felt safe. Yuval’s daughter, Coral, made sure our days were planned out perfectly and always had a smile on her sweet face. I highly recommend TGL for a personal experience. What a great team! Thank you, and May God bless and keep y’all!"

Lara and Doug
Lara & Doug Edwards

Frisco Texas

"It is my pleasure to recommend TGL TOURS to any Bible lover who wants to visit the Holy Land and is planning to bring a group. TGL TOURS and the Shemesh family have decades of experience helping Christians experience the beauty of the land of Israel, God's Land. I have known and partnered with them for more than a decade and have been pleased with all of my travel experiences. Christians who want to better understand the life and ministry of Jesus and to get a deeper understanding of the Scriptures must choose TGL TOURS. You will receive fair pricing and excellent customer service. They have been my friends and my travel partners for many years."

Pastor Trey-Graham
Pastor Trey Graham

First Melissa Church. Texas, USA

TGL stories

Get a taste of some of the top places you will visit with us on your next tour of the Holy Land, to understand the historical context and the deeper meaning of the word.

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